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So. Much. Fun @ NTHJC May Days!!

Highlights include:

Uptown Ball & Hannah Poindexter Champion W/T poles

Smallside Delightful Champion 2ft Open

Rowntree Cartier - 1st in the 2ft JR/am undersaddle and awarded “best turned out” by the judge for the ring all day!

Perpetual Limelight & Emily Maahs had a super first show together with some classic ribbons and good rides.

Somewhere over the Rainbow and Raven Downing moved up to the 2’6-2’9” jumpers and earned top finishes!!

And last but not least, Calypso and Laura Arnott finishing 2nd at their second show together in future jumpers!!

Special thanks to Laura Arnott for all the meals and Avery Hand for helping take care of both horses and the most challenging, Pippa!

We are so proud of this crew and can’t wait for the next one Ramsay Chu Emily Maahs Amy Greene Jordan Mallard


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