2018 FOALS 

Smallside neverland

2020 Half Welsh Filly

(Smallside Fourever X Lapinwood Oodalottie)

To mature Small Pony

2020 FOALS 

Smallside wishful

2018 Half Welsh Colt

(Maple Side Wish List X Lapinwood Oodalottie)

To mature Medium Pony

2016 FOALS 

Smallside Fourever

2016 Half Welsh Colt

(EMC Entourage X Lands End Diva by *Carolinas Red Fox)

To mature Medium Pony


Smallside Delightful

2016 Half Welsh Filly 

(*Telynau Jacobite X Woodlands Fanciful by Woodlands Velvet Rain)

To mature Large Pony



2014 FOALS

Smallside Evermine

2014 Section B Welsh Colt

(*Mynach Master Class X Lands End Diva)

To Mature Small Pony

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